Which way will you go?

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Ok, so your cooling tower needs some attention; either an inspection to assess its current condition or you already know you have a problem and need some help to remedy the situation. Where do you turn for help? The OEM? A local contractor? Either choice can result in unintended consequences. There is another choice – OBR Cooling Towers, Inc., a cooling tower service company focused on delivering engineered solutions to your unique problems.

Original equipment manufacturers are usually very technically adept but are often more focused on their product rather than helping you to resolve your problems. Original equipment manufacturers are also typically large organizations with heavy manufacturing overhead which means you will likely pay more for whatever service you receive.

Local contractors can provide quick service at competitive prices but are usually light on engineering skills if they possess any at all. Frequently, when taking this route, the result will be that your equipment has been modified without regard to sound structural, mechanical or thermal engineering practices; all of which mean you will be spending money again sooner than you should to keep your equipment running reliably and at peak efficiency.

When you choose OBR as your cooling tower service supplier, you get the best of both worlds. Our staff has significant OEM experience and we know the equipment, regardless of brand. We are a lean organization who can bring mechanical, structural and thermal engineering experience and expertise to get to the root cause of your cooling tower issues and help you determine a cost effective program to get the best use of your cooling tower equipment.

Don’t be fooled by the claims of OEM’s that only they can service their equipment and likewise don’t fall for the low price of an “un-engineered” product. Go the “Right Way”; call OBR today; the sure choice for high value, engineered cooling tower services.

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