Engineering Process

Allow us to give you a little insight into our engineering process and see how we can assist in your new cooling tower construction or refurbishment. If you would like to schedule an inspection, click here.

Detailed Inspection

  • Document deviations from original design and any areas where originial design is deficient
  • Report delivered that communicates tower condition

Define the Scope of Work

  • Inspection, Engineering and Design team review inspection findings to identify a scope of work
  • Identify source of deficiencies and review original design criteria

Develop Repair Plan

  • Consider means and methods of construction used for implementing new materials.
  • Review end user constraints, process demands and schedule.

Management of Change (MOC)

  • Summary of tower original design criteria
  • Identify issues that were corrected
  • Specifications of materials used
  • Location of changes that are made
  • Detailed AS-Built drawings and calculation package

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Training
  • Review differences in materials used and appropriate method for safe implementation

Procurement of Project Material

  • Reference management of change and repair plan to procure the correct project material.
  • Consider special equipment needed for installation of new materials

Execution of the Project Scope

  • Mobilization of repair forces and equipment
  • Review differences original design and new design, ensure changes are feasible
  • QA/QC Review to document deviations in completed work from repair plan and coordinate into final “as-built” drawings.

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